Top 12+1 Ribera del Duero

Since it was officially constituted as a Denomination of Origin in 1979, its vineyards have not stopped producing relevant wines on the Spanish scene.
Located between the provinces of SoriaBurgosSegovia and Valladolid; It boasts a harsh climate and a complex land, which gives the grape an extraordinary quality and enormous value.
The most predominant variety is Tempranillo (or Tinta del País, Tinto Fino) but nowadays other Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot varieties are also grown.

The result is spectacular wines like the ones we offer you today in this TOP 12+1 Ribera del Duero selection: Valbuena, Alión, Pago de Carraovejas and many more.

Top 12+1 Ribera del Duero

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