Hibiki Japanese Harmony 70 cl.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony 70 cl.


Suntory produces this blended whisky in Japan. Format of 70 cl.


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Hibiki Japanese Harmony is the pinnacle of the art of Japanese craftsmanship. Harmony is the introduction to the entire category of Japanese whiskey.

The Hibiki brand is one of the House's most iconic brands, introduced in 1989 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Suntory's incorporation. Harmony pays homage to the original Hibiki, introduced in 1989, and was marketed as a whisky with no age reference.

This whisky was crafted to become the ultimate example of the Hibiki blend. Chief distiller Shinji Fukuyo set himself the challenge of designing the quintessential blend, meticulously refining it to capture the pure essence of an authentic Hibiki. A transparency of flavor is given that allows this whiskey to reveal all its complexities at the same time. More than 10 malts and 3 grain whiskies of about 20 years combine to create an enveloping harmony of flavors and aromas.


Hibiki comes across as seductive, floral and subtle. It celebrates an unparalleled art of blending, fine craftsmanship and a sense of luxury from the House of Suntory. Its amber color stands out in the glass of whiskey, once in the nose we are attracted by hints of rose, lychee, rosemary, ripe wood and sandalwood. On the palate it is pure honey sweetness where candied orange peel and white chocolate appear. The finish is tender and long, with a touch of Mizunara (Japanese oak).

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70 cl.
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43% Vol.

About Suntory

A century ago, the House of Suntory was founded with a singular vision: to make quintessentially Japanese spirits that would suit the discerning palate of the Japanese people.

In 1923, the first Japanese whisky distillery was founded by Shinjiro Torii near Kyoto, a region known for its clear and beautiful waters. Inspired by traditional Scotch whisky, Torii envisioned a Japanese approach by choosing a completely different terrain and climate than Scotland to create a unique type of whisky. The Yamazaki distillery soon became known as the birthplace of Japanese whisky, and several more distilleries have since opened with their own innovative approach to finely crafted spirits.

Yamazaki distillery

Yamazaki distillery

The Hakushu distillery was founded half a century after Yamazaki. Keizo Saji inherited his father's vision in his quest for innovation and built this second Suntory malt whisky distillery in 1973. The exceptionally soft water of Hakushu Mountain originates as clear rainwater and melted snow, which passes through Mt. Kaikomagatake from the Southern Japanese Alps and joins the Ojiro and Jingu rivers at the foot of the mountain. With four distinctive seasons, the clear air and cool, moist climate of the vast Hakushu forests allow the distillery, one of the few located at an altitude of 700 meters or more, to produce high quality whiskey through a slow, unhurried process. 

Later, the Chita distillery in Osaka, where Roku Gin is produced, and the Osumi distillery complete the House's extensive infrastructure. The House's craftsmen are committed to selecting the finest ingredients and developing complex and innovative techniques to create spirits of unparalleled quality and unique Japanese character.  

The Japanese feel at one with nature; their ultimate inspiration and guiding force. They have a special reverence for nature, and believe that the nameless spirits known as "eight million gods" reside within every pebble, rain and seed. Japanese nature is blessed with many expressions, lush greenery, steep mountains and beautiful waters. Each is compounded by the richness of the seasons. In each Suntory Whisky lives a uniquely Japanese sensibility and respect for nature.

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