Knockando 12 Años 70 cl.

Knockando 12 Year Old 70 cl.

Knockando Distillery
Knockando Distillery elaborates this single malt scotch whisky in Speyside (Scotland). Format of 70 cl.

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In the production of knocking, only natural ingredients are used: malted barley, yeast and mineral water from the Cardnach spring, located in the hills a little above the distillery. Over time, this combination of ingredients creates a whiskey with a fresh almond brushstroke very own in the younger versions that over the years is acquiring weight and depth of flavor. Each bottle of knocking contains the product of a single season or a year of production. This practice is what makes SpeySide's whiskey different from this delicate of almost all other pure whiskeys of Malta. It is evident why it is such a recognized whiskey. It is a specially brittle, fruity and modest speyside. Soft and loaded with complex layers of walnut notes, floral and lightly smoked. Enjoy the delicious tones accompanying this whiskey of vegetarian dishes such as tapenade or vegetarian haggis. Knocking 12yo is a perfect gift for those who wish to explore the whiskeys cigars of Speyside malt, recognized by their lightweight and delicate floral touch.

Product Details

Single Malt
70 cl.
Made by
Knockando Distillery
Made in
43% Vol.
12 Years

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